Bring Generation Women to your town

Are you a tenacious and enthusiastic woman? Do you have experience in event planning (or feel excited about trying it?) Are you passionate about age diversity, community building, and stories? Bring New York's hottest storytelling night to your town. 



Georgia Clark founded Generation Women in June, 2017. Since then, our show has grown rapidly and currently sells out a month in advance. Our three-person team ensures our show is professionally run in every aspect, including communication with talent and a flawless run of show on the night; a warm and safe space for all gender identities and ages; committed to diversity and inclusion. It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. By bringing a Generation Women show to your hometown, you're taking advantage of a successful brand and show formula. Generation Women is a fantastic way to build a multi-generational network of powerful women. 

Partner with us and we will provide:

  • Creative direction for all set-up, including design elements and brand guidelines
  • Email templates (for reaching out to talent, run of show, follow-up thank you etc)
  • Workshops (via Skype) for setting up sustainable and time-effective procedures
  • Advice on show curation and booking talent including line-up on the night
  • Advice on promotion, advertising and community building
  • Advice on editing and providing feedback to talent 

And more. Basically, we'll skill you up to get you going and set you up for success. 



·      Website (similar to this one)

·      Mailing list (we use Mailchimp)

·      Social media (Instagram is advised)

·      Proficiency  with email and spreadsheets 



·      Produce the shows, ie. book the line-ups, decide on themes, promote the show

·      Troubleshoot  

·      Be involved in the day-to-day business of the show 

·      Pay for costs, i.e website set-up, business cards etc

First step, if you don't have a team, you'll need one. This is too big a job for one person (unless it's your only job). We can't find you a partner/s in your town: you'll need to do that. We can only take applications from teams of 2 - 4 women, which can include your host. Your host doesn't need to be a producer: in New York, our host is also the creative director. In Sydney, the host is talent and not part of the two-person production team, who split the responsibilities. 

Feeling called? Then let's talk. We want to know:

  • Why are you the best women in your town to produce this show? What's your skillset? Your network? Background? Tell us how you're best placed to pull this off on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 
  • Who's your ideal line-up? Celebrities are fun to think about, but we're more interested in women you could actually book to do the show. The hardest talent to book is Team 60+. How will you find these women?
  • What's your current schedule like? We want to make sure you have the time you need to devote to making the show flawless and fantastic. 
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