Our last show was Wednesday, April 25th at Caveat, Lower East Side



We’ve all got secrets. Maybe it's a real I-know-what-you-did-last-summer secret (what happens at Caveat, stays at Caveat). Maybe it involves kissing a best friend’s boyfriend, or sneaking out after curfew. Or maybe it’s liking being a certain age/weight/race (etc), even when society says we shouldn’t. Whether it’s a confession, confidential, or clandestine, this month at Generation Women, it’s time to spill!

Generation Women is a cross-generational storytelling night in NYC. Each month, six women of note read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s, and her 70s+. Generation Women celebrates and amplifies women's voices and creativity. We're a unique, intimate female literary salon that brings together women of all ages.

Line up:

Team 20: Sasha Frolova is a New York City native, an actor, and a photographer. She has intertwined the two to establish a presence both on the big screen in movies like Red Sparrow and TNT’s upcoming show Snowpiercer and in art, most recently shooting for Marc Jacobs.

Team 30: Sasheer Zamata is an American actor and comedian. A Saturday Night Live alum, Zamata has found success in both the silver and big screens; most recently with a role in the upcoming film I Feel Pretty. Her stand up special, Pizza Mind, is out now.

Team 40: Donnetta Lavinia Grays – raised in Columbia, South Carolina - is a Brooklyn based actor and playwright. Her plays include Last Night and the Night BeforeLaid to Rest, and The Review. Grays’s film/TV credits include The Wrester, Book of HenryHappy!The Blacklist and Law & Order: SVU.

Team 50: Jillian Medoff is the acclaimed author of four novels. Her latest, This Could Hurt, landed on many “Best of” lists, including Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, Amazon and People. She also has a long career in management consulting where she advises HR executives on communication strategies for all aspects of the employee experience.

Team 60: Barbara Field founded Writing Life Stories and is into girl power. She worked for CBS, Harcourt Brace, The Op Ed Project and the Afghan Women's Writing Project. She published widely, including the novel The Deeper, The Bluer. She's glad to be back in NYC, where dreams are made of.

Team 70: Mary Jo Robertiello spent her childhood in Indiana and Connecticut, eight years in Rome, and the rest of her life has been in and out of NYC. Her weekly blog, nymysteries, keeps her discovering her hometown. She self-published her first novel, The Lemrow Mystery and has just finished her second detective procedural, Graphic Lessons .


Hosted by Georgia Clark, author of The Regulars and The Bucket List