Our last show was Wednesday, May 15th, at Caveat, Lower East Side.

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we sold out! Thanks everyone!

Adventurous ladies roam. This month’s theme invites our storytellers to recall time they were far from home. This might be literal distance from home base — an overseas vacation, year abroad, the experience of moving for college or their first job. Or this might be a metaphorical distance — getting far from the person they really are, losing sight of their values and sense of self. Maybe they’ll dive deep or maybe they’ll just make us laugh. Whatever they choose to share, humorous or heartfelt, we know it’s going to inspire and delight.

Team 20s: Lexie Lowell is Brooklyn’s first pop-harpist. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose journey has taken her through turns on stage (Broadway’s 2015 Revival of Spring Awakening) and screen (starring in the indie flick Manifest Destiny Down), she will be releasing her first studio EP, The Music Box, this summer.

Team 30s: JiJi Lee is a comedy writer and performer in NYC. Her humor writing has been published in Reductress, McSweeney’s, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.  As a performer, she does stand up and storytelling all around the city and has also performed at The Kennedy Center. 

Team 40s: Amy Richards is a writer, producer and organizer. Most recently Amy produced the Emmy nominated series WOMAN for Viceland and curated a series of talks to accompany Annie Leibovitz’s traveling exhibit WOMEN. Amy is also the president of Soapbox, Inc., the foremost feminist lecture agency, and the affiliated Soapbox Foundation, creators of Feminist Camp.

Team 50s: Marie Myung-Ok Lee is an acclaimed Korean-American writer and author of the novel Somebody's Daughter. Her next novel, The Evening Hero, on the future of medicine, immigration, North Korea, is forthcoming with Simon & Schuster.

Team 60s: Helen Benedict, a professor at Columbia University, is the award-winning author of five books of nonfiction, a play, and seven novels, including her most recent, Wolf Season (2017) and Sand Queen (2011).  She has covered refugees for The New York Times, The Nation, Slate, and Guernica, and is at work on a novel about refugees in Greece.

Team 70s: Heather Forest is an artist whose unique minstrel style of storytelling blends original music, folk guitar, poetry, prose and the sung and spoken word. She has toured her repertoire of world folktales for the past thirty years to theatres, major storytelling festivals, and conferences throughout the United States and abroad.

Generation Women is a cross-generational storytelling night in New York City. Each month, five women of note read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s, and her 70s+. Generation Women celebrates and amplifies women’s voices and creativity. Our diverse line-ups will make you laugh, cry, and think. We’re a unique, intimate female literary salon that brings together women of all ages. 

Created by Georgia Clark, author of The Regulars and The Bucket List.