Pics or it didn't happen.

December 11th: "My First Time Saying No" (Sydney) Photography by Simone Fisher. 


December 4th: "The End of an Era". Photography by Tamara Smith.


November 17th: "The Skin I'm In." Photography by Lauren Dukes.


October 27th: "My Alter Ego". Photography by Tamara Smith. 


September 27th: "Fake News: What I Stopped Believing". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


August 16th: "Nevertheless, She Persisted". Photography by Lindsay Ratowsky.


July 12th: "What I Learned About My Mother". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


June 21st: "My First Time Saying No". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 

Performers love Generation Women

Such a gorgeous evening, I was so humbled and inspired by the stories. Georgia, thank you for being such a fearless, hilarious, generous host.
— Stephanie Danler, author
I’m honored to have been a part. Thank you for bringing everyone together. My friends all said they’re coming back next month. Me too!
— Madeleine Martin, actor
Generation Women does something remarkable. Not only does it create unbreakable bonds between the women speakers, but it bonds us to the audience. It opened up my world, made me feel brave and empowered—and hey, it was so, so much fun.
— Caroline Leavitt, author
Generation Women is a powerful female-oriented storytelling event that brings people, stories, and humanity together in the same space. It was a delight to read at their debut night and meet with incredibly gifted storytellers and interact with an engaging audience. This is not an event you want to miss!
— Sweta Srivastava Vikram, poet and author
I’m still feeling last night’s energy. Loved the love in the room and everyone’s stories were so good! I can’t wait to attend the next one. Thank you for having me. And you women are amazing. JUST KEEP DOING IT!
— Jasmyn Lawson, creator
Your vision is powerful, Georgia. Uniting women across generations as we tell our stories and listen deeply to each other is transformational. Thank you.
— Janice Maffei, playwright
Being a part of Generation Women was an honor. You become the people you surround yourself with, and Generation Women provides a place to surround yourself with powerful and inspiring women of all ages. This show isn’t just a show, it’s a way to better yourself.
— Jennie Runk, model and activist
I dug deeper into my personal story, more than before. This paid off for me personally, and the audience responded in kind. Every storyteller brought her A game. Highly recommend!
— Sharon Spell, comedian
What a thrill & a privilege to be part of an evening. I loved everyone’s stories! So inspiring!
— Laura Brown, author
I’d forgotten how essential it is for me to connect with a community of women - of all ages. Thank you, Georgia, for the chance to perform on your stage of safety and possibilities. What an amazing evening!
— - Debbie Weil, author
I am so humbled to be a part of something so meaningful and so well put together. This is just what women need right now, at a time when we’re trying to be strong and stand up for our rights.
— Barbara Collins Bowie, activist