Pics or it didn't happen.


September 27th show: "Fake News: What I Stopped Believing". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


August 16th show: "Nevertheless, She Persisted". Photography by Lindsay Ratowsky.


July 12th show: "What I Learned About My Mother". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


June 21st show: "My First Time Saying No". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 

Performers love Generation Women

Such a gorgeous evening, I was so humbled and inspired by the stories. Georgia, thank you for being such a fearless, hilarious, generous host.
— Stephanie Danler, author
I’m honored to have been a part. Thank you for bringing everyone together. My friends all said they’re coming back next month. Me too!
— Madeleine Martin, actor
Generation Women is a powerful female-oriented storytelling event that brings people, stories, and humanity together in the same space. It was a delight to read at their debut night and meet with incredibly gifted storytellers and interact with an engaging audience. This is not an event you want to miss!
— Sweta Srivastava Vikram, poet and author
I’m still feeling last night’s energy. Loved the love in the room and everyone’s stories were so good! I can’t wait to attend the next one. Thank you for having me. And you women are amazing. JUST KEEP DOING IT!
— Jasmyn Lawson, creator
Your vision is powerful, Georgia. Uniting women across generations as we tell our stories and listen deeply to each other is transformational. Thank you.
— Janice Maffei, playwright
I dug deeper into my personal story, more than before. This paid off for me personally, and the audience responded in kind. Every storyteller brought her A game. Highly recommend!
— Sharon Spell, comedian
What a thrill & a privilege to be part of an evening. I loved everyone’s stories! So inspiring!
— Laura Brown, author