Pics or it didn't happen.

December 12th: “Naughty or Nice… Or Nasty.” Photography by Lauren Dukes.

November 14th: “Finding My Voice.” Photography by Tamara Smith.

October 17th: “My Truth About Aging.” Photography by Tamara Smith.

September 12th: “Little White Lies.” Photography by Tamara Smith.

August 15th: "Crossing Off My Bucket List." Photography by Olivia Ramirez.

July 25th: "Out of My Comfort Zone." Photography by Olivia Ramirez.

July 18th: "What I Truly Desire." Photography by Olivia Ramirez.

June 19th: "Anniversary." Photography Lauren Dukes.

May 29th: "Best Of!" Photography by Tamara Smith. 

May 16th: "The New Me." Photography by Kait Ebinger. 

April 25th: "My Biggest Secret." Photography by Tamara Smith. 

March 26th: "My Sliding Door Moment." Photography by Tamara Smith.

February 28th: "Time's Up." Photography by Tamara Smith.

February 5th: "My Digital Revolution" (WNYC's The Greene Space) Photography by Benjamin Kanter.


December 11th: "My First Time Saying No" (Sydney) Photography by Simone Fisher. 


December 4th: "The End of an Era." Photography by Tamara Smith.


November 17th: "The Skin I'm In." Photography by Lauren Dukes.


October 27th: "My Alter Ego". Photography by Tamara Smith. 


September 27th: "Fake News: What I Stopped Believing". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


August 16th: "Nevertheless, She Persisted". Photography by Lindsay Ratowsky.


July 12th: "What I Learned About My Mother". Photography by Kait Ebinger. 


June 21st: "My First Time Saying No". Photography by Kait Ebinger.